you don't want to do perfectly posed

you want to do perfectly


if you've always thought stepping in front of the camera means feeling awkward, stiff, and fake...

a photographer who believes in 

Hi, I'm Krysia

crafting beautiful images out of real moments, not complicated poses

letting your personality shine through with every click of the shutter

feeling more like you're hanging out with a friend and less like a photo shoot

remembering your joy, your love, your story every time you look at a photo

hey, y'all!

the heart behind the camera

I'm a big believer that the things that really, truly matter don't have to be fancy - I'm into the moments that are genuine, mascara-ruining, sincere, heart-bursting, true to you.

Life's not about creating perfect moments - it's about celebrating the magic in the rough edges & the joy in the process. You feel me?

That's why I'm passionate about capturing couples who know their wedding day is just the first tiny step in a lifetime of adventure together, and creatives who are deeply driven to share their gifts with the world, one day at a time.

at a glance

Think of this as your quick guide to all things Krysia

college major

History, & minors in Latin and German

starbucks order

Iced americano w/cream & vanilla

road trip tunes

Fleetwood Mac, Cher, Carly Rae Jepsen

core values

Curiosity, humility, inclusion, purpose

weird obsession

Public transit (yes, I like trains)

worst habit

Never putting away clean laundry 😅